“Kaelyn quite simply is a laser-focused weapon. I worked with Kaelyn on one of a release of mine, “Ancient Technology”, where she was responsible for the PR work and copywriting. Her copywriting is positively beautiful alongside the work and effort she puts in. Her wealth of knowledge and ability to navigate the scene is truly remarkable making her a true hustler and absolute asset to anyone that works with her. Her work ethic, performance-driven nature and friendly persona make it a real pleasure to be on projects with her and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to leverage themself up in the game.”
-Chamberlain, Producer

“Even after a 3 year break from releasing any music, Kaelyn seemingly effortlessly got my release premiered by a plethora of amazing platforms, including Rolling Stone India. She’s an extremely gifted writer herself as well. For the official writeup, she came up with extremely descriptive and imagery-inducing language to describe my record in ways I couldn’t have myself.  She’s also super helpful and held my hand whenever I needed her to.”
-Savej, Producer

“As a passionate fan and professional, Kaelyn has helped improve the lives of creatives, industry professionals and listeners with her attentive talents in Journalism and Public Relations. Kaelyn’s reputation as both a writer and publicist portray her as a caring, punctual and resourceful contact; attributes that could not be more spot on. She’s helped spotlight and unearth some of the most eclectic acts from around the country, lending validity to any project she’s co-signing or captaining. Kaelyn is widely regarded as a ‘music person’ not only due to her obvious passion, but ability to affirm clients through results and written words.”
-Franz Hilberath, Writer @ EDM.com / Owner @ MP3DU / Manager / Publicist

“Kaelyn is one of the hardest working people in the industry. She is timely, responsive, and efficient. She wrote me an incredible copy for my most recent album. Going way beyond the typical two sentence blurb, she wrote an in-depth tale on the journey the album took from track to track. Kaelyn would be an invaluable member of any PR team.”
-Orenda, Producer

“Kaelyn is extremely professional, pleasant, enthusiastic, and thorough. Her emails and press releases are ultra-detailed and she has a huge network of people in the industry who not only speak highly of her professionally, but also personally. Definitely someone you want to work with!”
-Ari Kapner, Founder of Hearditherefirst.blog